Health information unit is a place where confidentiality of patient’s records is a sured, by virtue of professional confidence and privilege communication. It involves enhancing the completeness, accuracy and sequential recording of patient’s data to allow it sufficiency.


Tasks Carry Out:

During the period under review, the unit was able to performed the following tasks successfully in line with the management decision to see that our patients are taken care of effectively.

–       Initiation of patients records (Registration and Documentation) which is done at Emergency Section.

–       Retrieval, stamping of patient’s case notes according to their receipts of payment done by the GOPD section.

–       Collection, compiling, tabulating of out/in – patient statistics, done by statistics section.

–       Appointment to patients based on their clinic days, done by the appointment section.

–       Filling of case notes / tracer cards done by the library section.

–       Retrieval and maintaining discharged patients records from the wards.

–       Coding and indexing of patient’s diagnosis and providing data for researchers.

–       Psycho education of patients during clinics to serve them better.


 Staff Strength/Recruitment

The units have a combine staff strength of fifteen (15) trained professionals and three (3) statisticians. Two staff where employed to the unit one (1) professional and one (1) statistician.


Summary of Service Delivery

During the period under review, there was great increased in the clinical services delivery.

–       A total of 23,175 were seen in GOPD out patients  

–       A total of 2,602 were seen in C & A out patients            

–       A total of 387 were seen in Emergency Ward

–       A total of 26 were seen in C/A in-patient       

–       A total of 163 were seen in Dater Ward

–       A total of 1,486 were seen in M & F Wards



We sincerely appreciate the management of this great institution under the vibrant leadership of Prof. A. Y. Jika for their support in other for the department to achieve the following:

–       Prompt attention in providing clinical materials, during this period we have never gone short of clinical materials.

–       Posting youth corps members to the unit to assist to meet the need of over growing of our patients.

–       Given two staff low com appointments.

–       Additional set of computers including laptops to make it easier in tracing our patient’s records etc.