Head of Account


The Department is headed by Hajiya Aisa Mustapha. It prides itself as the financial nerve of the Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Barnawa Kaduna and has commendably carried out her mandate creditability over this period.


  1. Final Account Unit, b. Revenue Unit, c. Cash office Unit, d. Salary & Payroll Unit, and e. Loans and Advance Unit.
  2. Final Account Unit- The unit is responsible for preparation of the Financial Statement for stewardship purpose, leasing with external auditors for Statutory Audits.
  3. Revenue unit- In-charge of internally Revenue, collection, Recording and custody of internally Generated Revenue, Keeping appropriate records and books of Accounts. Ensuring Lodgment IGR Ensuring proper internal control and accountability of IGR.
  4. Salary & Payroll Unit is charged with the Preparation of salaries for permanent staff in conjunction with the IPPIS office. Also keeping of appropriate records of personal Emoluments.
  5. Cash Office Unit Is charged with keeping the preparation of cash books and custody of source document like payment vouchers, Retirement Vouchers. Also, it keeps petty cash.
  6. Loan and Advance Unit, the Unit is responsible for preparation of vouchers for advances. It also keeps records of Retirement of Advances.

However, the Department under the mantra of the new Management has received many of ICT equipment to digitalized and ease their services. The inspirational and dynamic leadership of the Medical Director (Prof. A. Y. Jika) has largely been responsible for this success while the motivation and support by Hajiya Aisa Mustapha makes the future of the Finance Department very bright indeed.